Jo Crosier -
Bonjour & Bienvenue
 Hello & Welcome
Here's a little more information about me: 

              I started reading romance when I was 16, and I was                                     instantly hooked.
              I received a Masters of Fine Arts in Writing Popular                               Fiction from Seton Hill University.                    
               I have two Bachelors degrees : 1 in French, 1 in                                            Professional Writing
              My work has been published in Speak Magazine, 
                        Transition: Poetry, Transition: Prose and Short 
                        Stories, and the Practice & Purpose COR 101 
               I write erotic romance  under the name Rachell Nichole
               If I didn't plan on spending my life writing, I would be 
                         raising lots of children and teaching English &
                         French (though I still might end up doing both). 

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