Wednesday, April 6, 2011

France Beckons!

As some of you may be able to tell by the Eiffel Tower design of my blog and the Bonjour & Bienvenue on my website, that I am quite a francophile. I have just accepted a position to go and teach English in the French department of Poitiers. I am not sure yet what level I will be teaching or at how many schools. It can be up to three schools within the district, but no more than 12 hours per week in the classroom. 
There are many more steps in this process: 

  • Buying copious amounts of plane tickets between NY, Dublin, Paris, Pittsburg, Paris, & NY. 
  • Signing job contracts 
  • Finding housing
  • Getting a work VISA 
  • Opening a new bank account 
 And probably quite a few other things that I either am forgetting or don't know about yet! :-) 
But the important thing is that I will be in FRANCE. Writing my query letters, e-mailing with my agent (hopefully), drafting new books, revising current WIPs, keeping up with my Graduate Studies, and generally loving the French life!  
Anyone want to come visit? 

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  1. The program is run through the French consulate in DC. I'm hoping that I can go to the one in NYC to get my VISA. There is no processing fee for the VISA because of the type of program it is for Foreign Language Teachers.
    I've been through the VISA process once before, but they were same day process then. Now they're not. So I'm not sure how it's going to go yet this time.
    And they do warn that payroll takes a while to catch up, so I was prepared for that.
    Thanks though. I will be in the provence of Poitiers. How's London???