Thursday, April 14, 2011

Loafty goals

So I have the next consecutive 11 days off from work. And my TO DO list in enormous!!!
I've set some incredibly high goals to accomplish, starting with cleaning, organizing, and bringing in a bunch of stuff to donate, writing three weeks worth of lesson plans and getting all of the stuff together to actually make the lessons and finishing up a project the kids started, and spending time with family members, doing Easter dinner and all of that, and finishing my draft of Los Diablos and my revisions on Jaded Hope, researching more agents and sending out another batch of queries! Also, there's a shopping day in there somewhere with my mom, a romance paper to write, and menial things like eating and sleeping.

Since I couldn't participate in this month's BIAW challenge for my local CNYRW, I will be using my facebook as a daily goal updater to help keep me motivated! Check it out and PLEASE encourage my processes, so I can stay motivated! This is going to be a seriously long week! :-) But I'm super-excited


  1. It sounds like fun to me! Go, Jo!

  2. I don't know how you did on the whole list, but congrats on the agent requesting a partial!