Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Oh the waiting game!

People who know me will tell you that waiting has never been one of my strongest attributes. In fact, I hate it. There's something to be said for excitement and anticipation, but mostly even that just irritates me. But here are the things I'm currently waiting for... 

  • This week of teaching to be over because the children know it's their last week and have suddenly become possessed by evil spirits whose only purpose in life is to make me crazy
  • My response from the Departement de Poitiers telling me I can come and teach their children
  • My next paycheck so that I can payoff my credit cards
  • The weekend to be over so that I don't have to have any more bonding time with family members than necessary 
  • My birthday to come and go so that we can treat it like any other day and move on with the rest of the week 
  • A response from an agent (any agent really, I'm not that picky - okay that's a complete and utter lie, I'm extremely picky) 
  • A day where I can have more than ten consecutive minutes to WRITE 
  • My new job to begin 
And other general life stuff.

So, I ask you all, what are you waiting for??????? 

Saturday, May 14, 2011

Taking it Bird By Bird (and Goal Updates- finally)

So, unfortunately, I did not reach all of my goals within my 12 day time frame. But here's what I did accomplish that was on my list: 

  • I cleaned & organized, made a bed-full of stuff to donate - Christmas decorations, clothes, books, and a bunch of other stuff
  • Finished the first draft of a current WIP - Los Diablos 
  • Finished a project that the kids and I started 
  • Had Easter with the family 
  • Some of the Jaded Hope revisions
  • A shopping day with Mom 
I did not send out any more queries, finish the Jaded Hope revisions or write three weeks of lesson plans. I also did not write my Romance Paper during my week off, but have since done so. 
I also planned an extensive trip to Ireland and France that I will take with my mom in September. I've turned in paperwork to get the next step of going to France done... waiting on the French government now... I'm betting that I hear back from 5 agents before I hear back from them! For those of you writers out there, you'll understand how huge of a deal that is! 
So I'm wrapping up one job (with my second graders). Our last day together is Friday. And I'm kind of sad about that. The fam is headed off to Mass this weekend to take my Aunt's ashes out. I'm starting another job on Tuesday (working with 2-5 year olds), working on polishing Jaded Hope in the "hope" than an agent will request the full soon, need to start writing some more queries and get those out, need to write ten pages of something new, hoping to plot the sequel to Jaded Hope soon, and generally running around like a.... yup you guessed it, Chicken with her head cut off!!!!!!!! 
So in the words of Annie Lammott, I am taking everything Bird by Bird (one step at a time for those of you who haven't read her book... and you should). 
That's it for now, I'll post more soon.