Friday, September 9, 2011

New Blog

Hello my cyber readers, 
I just wanted to share with everyone, in case you didn't know (because despite what some may wish, you're not all actually inside my head - which is probably a very good thing for you and maybe not such a good thing for me - it's lonely in there after all) I've started a new blog. And yes, I think I've fallen victim to New Blog Syndrome (kind of like New Baby Syndrome) where the newest, shiniest, funnest toy on the block overshadows and outwhines everything else (mixed metaphors, anyone?) So like all kids with a new toy, I've been playing shamelessly with the new blog, promising daily updates on the Countdown to Europe, redesigning the way it looks over and over again. But I assure you, the luster and allure of New Blog Syndrome will taper off soon and I will love them both equally (Yeah, right). But you'll always be my first blog, I'll always have had you longest, and honestly, more people like and follow you around than that silly new snot-factory called Jo's in France. I mean, really, who could compare you? Apples and oranges, I tell you.... there go the metaphors again.... 
At any rate, as my Writing Life takes a bit of a backseat to my crazy Travel Girl Life, I will be dedicating more time to freaking out over moving to a different country with no place to live than to plotting my next book, though truthfully I aim to do both quite thoroughly in the next 8 days. So if the Bloggerverse is in need of my constant neuroses, please visit the Shiny New Blog at
Until we meet again, your (never Daily) Dose of Jo shall miss you. 

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