Tuesday, October 20, 2015

Horror Movies Continue!

I love when a horror movie is creepy as hell, but also has a romance. I mean, obviously I'm a sucker for romances! That's why I write them. :-)

Last week, we watched Sleepy Hollow, which is so very much both a romance and a horror movie all mixed into one. Now, those elements are not easy to balance. I know this because I've attempted to write other flavors of romance like romantic suspense and trying to balance the creepy suspense elements, the driving, break-neck speed pacing of the suspense plot, with the slow build and sexiness of a romance is hard work.

Sleepy Hollow does it with ease and makes it look too damned easy! I give that credit to the creepy mastery of Tim Burton, once again. (See my reviews of Corpse Bride & The Nightmare Before Christmas Here)

We start with a bang. Ichabod Crane is in trouble for wanting to investigate gruesome deaths by Sleepy Hollow. Now, this movie does not shy away from the horror elements. In fact, it embraces them so wholeheartedly, and with such a spine-tingling creep factor that you know you're watching a movie, and that the horror elements are there, but you just don't care. And the fact that it doesn't hide the gore or try to turn this into a creepy romance movie is the reason it works so well. Yet, Ichabod's budding romantic relationship with Katrina begins from their first meeting, when she kisses him in greeting, though he is a stranger. Both the romance and horror develop side-by-side, with the romance only taking a minor step back from being the main plot. Even more than Burton's animated features, this movie hits the horror and romance points of my interests with gusto. And in the end, though tons of blood is shed, and half the cast is dead, the core romance remains. Ichabod and Katrina survive, and what's more, they leave Sleepy Hollow for a new home, with a Prentice in tow, and we are left with the warm and fuzzies that even though lots of people are dead, the horseman has been put back in his grave, and the bad guys are gone. :-)
cutting up the corpses. A big no-no in the late 18th Century. So they decide to send him upstate to investigate the beheadings in a little town called

So, again, I say, Well done, Burton. Well done!

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